So I was on Etsy's Front page yesterday...

...but being me, I totally missed it:) This post will show you how I discovered that fact and includes some helpful links to nifty Etsy Apps & Tools.

Our Mucha inspiredArt Nouveau Elven Headdress was featured on Etsy's front page yesterday afternoon! I totally missed it, but thanks to the My Etsy Facebook Application it was automatically posted on my profile, so I knew something was up.

I was still a bit mystified as to how/where I was featured so I did a bit of detective work. First I checked on Twitter - sure enough, one of my friends had sent an @reply telling me she saw me there (Thank you

At that point I had been down enough rabbit trails for the day so didnt do any more sleuthing til this evening when I suddenly remembered Craft Cult. They have a lot of fun things on the site, including The Vault, which has an archive of all Etsy front pages searchable by member name and date- quite a handy thing!! I checked and sure enough there it was...they also have a cute little widget thingie which is how I posted the list here for you to see. (TIP: click on the widget to go to the vault page- from there you can click to access the individual listings if you are interested:)

Its amazing how many handy tools there are out there for internet craft sellers- I hope some of these come in handy for you. I will be featuring a few more in the coming weeks here on my blog so stay tuned;)


ChatElaine said…
Ah! Well done you!! Great tips thank you will check them out. Happy New Year to you, Sorry I havent been by very often. Will try and be good and get to more productive blogging.
Jen said…
Congratulations on the front page! That's interesting about the Vault; I didn't know it existed (not that I think I have to worry about landing on the front page, mind you :o) The headdress is lovely!
storybeader said…
congrats. and thanks for reminding me about craftcuit. Quite some time ago, someone told me about that, and I had forgotten the name of the site! {:-D
Congratulations - a beautiful Treasury!
Congratulations my very talented friend. Well deserved! Hugs!

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