Andy McKee Played at Our Wedding -yes really!

Andy McKee~ hometown boy, all around delightful guy and ABSOLUTELY AMAZING guitar player has made it big. His YouTube videos broke records for the most hits a few years ago,- (many of them in the 10s of millions!) he has fans all over the world and tours everywhere.

here is Hunters Moon from his soon to be released Joyland (CD/DVD)

Ian & I first met him in 1999 when Ian bought a guitar from him at the shop where he worked. It was a favorite guitar of his and he played a bit on it so we could hear how it sounded- we were totally gobsmacked speechless as we stood and watched this stuff fly out of his fingertips!! Somewhere in one of those first meetings Ian decided that Andy had to be the music at our wedding and when Ian contacted him in 2003 he happily agreed. We were only sort of joking when we said one day we would be bragging that he played at our wedding, and sure enough, its now one of our favorite things to boast about;)


Jen said...

Wow - he has definitely got an awesome talent! That was really cool :o)

Split Rock Ranch said...

WOW - It was pure pleasure listening to that! What a fabulous way to start my day. He is amazing. Thank you for sharing that clip. And thank you for hosting my entrecard widget/ad!!

Laane said...

Wow. he's great!!

The guy is magic.

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