The Snow Queen's Fairy Frost

©Karla Hall 2010
The meteorologists called it Hoar Frost, but Im sure it was the fairies that left it...I took these photos a few weeks ago on a magical walk over a fairy bridge;)

©Karla Hall 2010
©Karla Hall 2010
It was unusually foggy here for several days- on the days that it actually froze, these crystals formed on the trees...on the day these photos were taken it was actually snowing these big crystal clusters- absolutely magical, I had never seen anything like it!!


Ninni said...

Welcome to visit my blog, , it's actually in english fairy oasis, there's some pictures of the winter here in Finland, where I'm from. But the photo of the bridge is so beautiful, Hardly have we that kind of brigde in Finland, although I know ONE, that is quite magical, the bridge to my late grandparents farm. It's one of my GOOD childhood memories, many fantasies made there on and under that bridge =)

storybeader said...

an adorable little bridge!

mermaiden said...

love the frosted faery webbing :D

ChatElaine said...

What a sweet little bridge and love the frost photos, definitely fairies!! 80))

Faerie Moon Creations said...

How amazingly beautiful that is! I think you are right...the faeries definitely left that behind. ;)

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