Wholigan ~ism aka The Kids are Alright

I have always categorized British Rock Music Invasion of the 1960's into 3 categories...the cute boys, the tough boys and the downright fascinating boys. The Who were the sole reason for the 3rd category...on the surface they were just a bunch of crazy (and kinda cute;-) lads from the UK, but when you looked closer they were really AMAZING in a delightfully wacky sort of way.

I hold a deep admiration for Roger, Pete, John and Keith. We even ushered in the New Year at our party this this year with an impromtu Baba O'Riley jam complete with bagpipes, synth, 6 funky drummers, mandolin and guitar...it was great!!

SO, imagine my delight when I was approached my a member of the Wholigans~ the official thewho.com fan club~ and asked to create a tiara and some other bling for her to wear to the live taping of the VH1 Rock Honours The Who concert in LA July 12th. Here are some of the fun and hopefully functional results of that request.

Thanks so much, Carolyn for the request!

I'm always up for a fun new project...if anyone else has a jewelry or wire sculpture idea that you are afraid sounds too wacky never be afraid to contact me- Im creatively unflappable like that;-)

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storybeader said...

wow - amazing story. Can you see her in the video? {:-D

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