Danu, Queen of the Sidhe: A Fae Celtic Crown

I have so much fun naming our new creations!! This crown was designed by Ian so my only contribution to the fun was telling the story:). I decided this one looked quite ancient with a truely earthy elegance, so I named it the Danu crown. In Irish legend, the goddess Danu was queen of all Sidhe (faerie folk).. her legend spread throughout Celtic Europe, the Danube river was even named after her. The Tuatha Dé Danann or "people of the goddess Danu" are a race of people in Irish Mythology, and the legends of Danu are most prevelent in that tradition.

This has been a very popular design~our first customer was a very talented British artist who found us on Etsy. Emily Carding designed the lovely Tarot of the Sidhe, and we were extremely honoured when she chose the Danu crown to wear in her handfasting! I was also delighted when she sent along these wonderful photos of her special day...just look at that gorgeous dress!!:

Emily's work can be found on Etsy at www.SidheTarot.etsy.com and also on her own website www.childofavalon.com. Thanks Em for sending the photos:-)!

We recently were asked to do a silver version of the Danu crown, and include Carribean opal Swarovski crystals to coordinate with a bride's necklace and earrings...here are photos of my lovely niece modeling the result:

The Danu crown in silver or gold can be customised with any Swarovski crystal colour...at last count they have over 250 colours available, so this gives you a wide range of choices!

We have this and other crowns, circlets and tiaras now for sale in both Thyme2dream.etsy.com and my new DaWanda Thyme2dream shop. Ian also has some exclusive circlet designs in his newly renamed Dragon Rider Circlets shop on Etsy.
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