Etsy Bloggers: Featured This Month

I have just joined the Etsy Blogger street team (now that I am a professional blogger, lol). Im just learning all the ropes, but was delighted to find that this months featured blogger was Tulips Talking - the VERY blog where I discovered the Etsy Blogger's street team in the first place:)

She hails from sunny Florida and I think that is reflected in her bright sunny designs, mixed with cool ocean blues...I love this necklace! If you get a minute, do visit her delightful blog and be sure to stop by one or both of her Etsy Shops: Tulips Treasure Box is her main shop & for a limited time her former shop Octahedron is still open as well


Beaderjojo said...

Very pretty necklace!
No time limit on the tagging thing, whenever you have the time dear!

Anonymous said...

Kudo's for the super nice feature. I am pleased that you were lead to the team by our interactions and look forward to getting to know you more.



Nora said...

What a coincidence! :D Nice piece you choose, I was gonna choose the same one! Very pretty!

Cards By Jenna said...

Love this necklace! The midnight blue color is spectacular. Very pretty!


PS: Welcome to EtsyBloggers!

storybeader said...

lily is a special etsyblogger, and you'll see that she's involved in a lot of the activities here on the team.

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