Stray Cats - Shady Grove - Live!

Absolutly nothing to do with jewelry, but if you've read my blog very long, you know I love music:-)! This one of my favorite traditional songs AND one of my favorite rock bands~ two different genres but a fascinating mix. BRIAN SETZER playing a BANJO. Fans of British traditional folk music may more readily recognize the tune as the rather bloody ballad, Matty Groves. I much prefer the happy sweet version that it evolved into when it was handed down in the Appalachian mountains of Eastern Tennessee & North Carolina. If you are interested in hearing the song in a more traditional setting, there is an excellent Doc Watson version of the song also on You Tube.


a what memories. My best friend in high school was Brian Setzers cousin (on her fathers side) she looked a lot like Brian especially the eyes. Thanks for the memories. :)
JoJoBell said…
Appalachian music is wonderful.

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