Fairy Lights & Ancient Tones

The first piece in my new Fairy Lights Magic Forest collection

I remember late one night at a bluegrass festival in Bean Blossom, Indiana when I was 16...I was walking from one jam session across a field to a wooded area when I looked up and saw the most amazing sight. The WHOLE stand of trees on the other side of the field was covered in fireflies all the way to the top of the trees. I have never seen that many in one place at one time before or since~it was pure magic! I caught my breath and just stood for a few moments listening to the fiddle music wafting on the breeze and watching the twinkling fairy lights.

It may be a bit difficult to match a bunch of guys in cowboy hats to that image, but I really wanted to include this music with my story. Bill Monroe was a character, and his brand of music isn't for everyone, but he captured what he called the "ancient tones" in many of his tunes. Kentucky Mandolin is one of my favorites and was one of the tunes I heard played by some of these same guys on that magic night...close your eyes when you listen and I'll bet you can see the fairies dancing too;-)

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Designing Hilary said...

Your new piece is enchanting, as usual. I rarely buy others jewelry although I will admire and gush over the artistry. But I think I will eventually purchase (once I have the spare change) a piece of yours.

Mystery Ranch said...

ooooooh, I just love your jewelry. Magical, enchanting, inspiring.

I am Jamie Sue! said...

Wow! Such wonderful work! I love the fluidity of your wire work. Superb.

Tink said...

I’ve given you an award!

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