The Fae Come to call

Oh I am SO new friend Gini, aka sent photos of her adorable girls in their Halloween costumes- complete with Jewelry by yours truly. I knew these costumes were going to be delightful just from her description and I was not disappointed. Cassandra & Jessica look absolutely adorable..and look like they were born fae as well (the ears look so REAL)!

Their mum is a talented Chain Maille designer who I met at the Etsy Chainmaillers & Wire Artisans virtual trunk show a while back....this is my favorite piece from her shop (and since my family reads my blog, YES, it is on my Christmas wishlist;) Click the photo to be taken to the Etsy listing for this piece, or CLICK HERE for her Etsy storefront.


Those kids are so cute! I love your work :)
storybeader said…
the girls are adorable - all ready for trick or treat!
Thank you so much for your comment. The head peices are too adorable, and the kids look awesome in their costumes. I go to the Texas Renaisance Fair as a Fairy so I am saving up for some of your headpeices. Thank you again. I am so in love with your work.
ChatElaine said…
Dont they look cute, jewellery is gorgeous lovely to see it being modelled so beautifully. :D
marci said…
They are adorable and the costume is lovely and your jewelry looks great on them! How fun!
Heavenly angels, your jewelry is perfect for their costumes.
Yes, they look like real fairies indeed straight from the woodlands. They are so adorable and cute. Thanks for the adorable post. God bless.
ChatElaine said…
Hi I've tagged you again. Sorry its just that all the people I know have already been tagged. I just love your blog.
Diana Evans said…
how cute!! so sweet and great shop!
bonoriau said…
Thank you very much for dropping and joining my simple contest. I'm really admire your products...really awesome.
JoJoBell said…
Look how adorable Karla!
By the way I tagged you, you can read about the rules of the game on my post today.
The little girls look adorable in your jewelry.
Oh my goodness...they definitely look beautiful and magical!
Kimmy said…
You create such beautiful work!
Griselda said…
Your work is enchanting...I am glad you will participate in the PIF exchange.
Looking forward to getting to know you. Gris
Youvegotmaille said…
aww too cute! I'm so glad you 2 hooked up.

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