Cos I really do think the tag things are fun...

I am SO far behind in acknowledging my blogging friends who have given me awards and/or fun I am going to try to start a new leaf here- begin with the latest,and include the wonderful people who have given me awards and tags in the past couple of months (If I missed you, please leave me a comment so I can amend my oversight).
I LOVE MY BLOG FRIENDS...and am sorry Im such a slacker, lol!!

I was tagged by Twenty Pound Tabby on Monday...and to quote her post: The rules are I link back to the tagger(s), share seven random or weird facts about myself, post these rules and then tag seven others.

my factoids:

1. I am 6'3" tall (yes really) I forget that my online friends don't know that...its the first thing people notice about me in person!

2. Hubby Ian and I are both NOT coffee drinkers- never have been. Ian is the only other person I have ever met who isn't.

3. I really do have Thyme in my garden- I grow herbs because I think they are useful, friendly plants and because they are very hardy wee things and can survive my "attention deficit gardening" style;)

4. I was named after a lake in Idaho..sort of...the lake is called Coeur D'alaine and I am Karla Dalaine...Dad thought Coeur sounded too much like the beer, so they went with Karla.

5. My 3 boys all have 2 middle names- I started with the oldest and couldn't leave the other two out!

6. I am a 4th generation oldest child-all females-on my mother's side (from a LONG line of strong-willed women, please pray for my beloved husband)

7. I pretty much love everyone in the have to try really hard to make me not like you, and even then it probably wont work:)

Passing the tag torch on to:

From Snapshot to Fine Art

(my little sister's AMAZING photography blog)

Altered Events
(a FAE and Entrecard friend- her blog is so much fun!!)

The Art Zoo

(featuring wonderful new creations from the handmade world)

Simply Shiny
(wonderful wire artist & and VERY informative blog)

Kimmy Sharing Light
(beautiful & thoughtful blog- and one of the awards I need to catch up with;-)

(a Dutch EntreCard friend- and another award I was honored to receive)

The Beaded Lily's Sketchbook
(beautiful beadwork and tagged me in a CUTE tag on Oct 11)


Kimmy said...

You are a beautiful soul. You have a wonderful gift of making gorgeous elven gifts. Namarie.

Youvegotmaille said...

See, now, if I'd read back on your blog a bit I'd have noticed that you were pre-tagged :)

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