The Gypsy Starchild and the Bohemian Wraps

My whole venture into jewelry started with my 88 year old grandma asking if I could make ear cuffs a few years ago...I had been twisting wire for a few months or so and making suncatchers and other "fanciful things for magical spaces". When Grandma asked if I could make an ear cuff I decided this was one of the coolest ideas I had heard! I dont have pierced ears, never have never will- but I LOVE danglie things hanging from my ears..ear cuffs have been the perfect solution for me- clip-ons are awful things!

Once in awhile I like to really go boho gypsy and wear LOTS of dangles on one or both ears (usually one, Im weirdly asymmetrical like that), so I came up with these behind the ear wraps that have a dangle at top and bottom.

These are a lot of fun for me to make..I get to do some more traditional bead stringing, and still be gypsy girl organic with my gemstones and stuff.

I was trying to figue out what to call these, and my beloved Ian-master of slightly corny word plays-suggested Bohemian Wraps...because he is a Queen fan, and my maternal ancestors are from Bohemia...and these are just Boho all the way around anyway- it fit, it stuck, and they are now a complete "range" in my shops on Etsy and DaWanda

You can find my Bohemian Wraps in the Ear cuffs section of Thyme2dream Etsy, or click on any photo here to be taken to that individual listing. They are easy to wear, very adjustable, and can be worn with or without earrings..they also work delightfully with my 2 in 1 dangle ear cuffs for a LOT of gypsy dangle action!


kystorms said...

I love your work! I would never have thought of this idea,

storybeader said...

I've always loved your ear wraps, and have thought of making some for myself. I can't wear pierced earrings either. These are a unique (I like unique) and fanciful ways to wear earrings. Like I've said before, they're beautiful!

ChatElaine said...

They are very original for people who dont have pierced ears. Lovely idea.

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