Breath of Heaven

The Breath of Heaven ear cuff is one of my older designs, but I thought I would feature it because (in case you hadnt noticed;) I love Christmas!!

This ear cuff was originally created to bless a very special Christian wisewoman friend of mine when she became an elder. I was also inspired by a lovely Christmas song called Breath of Heaven, which speaks to me of Mary's transition from Maiden to Mother by the 'breath of heaven'

The design features a Lapis Lazuli drop. Lapis is the sapphire of biblical writings and it is said in Jewish legends that the Torah was given to Moses on tablets of this has thus come to represent the Word of God and, by association, the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).

I also included garnet to represent redemption, amethyst for the royal priesthood of the believer and a heart of rainbow moonstone to signify Light and the delight of the new covenant announced by the angels as "Peace on Earth".

Spirals were often used in ancient Celtic artwork, and represent journeys of the spirit.

This cuff is still available in my Etsy Shop, but may not be for much longer..I am almost out of the gorgeous moonstone heart beads and havent been able to find a new source for them. (If any of my beady friends know where I can find them please let me know:)

1 comment:

storybeader said...

your spirals are so pretty! It looks as if the drop can be replaced with others, which could create a line of similiar drops...Just a thought...

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