I Love my Dad:)

Christmas Bluebird
©2008 Lee Wright

My dad has always encouraged me in my creative pursuits, and also inspired me...he plays guitar, writes songs, is a wonderful photographer and he is a writer as well. This Christmas I am featuring his first ever CD, Love to Love to Love in my Etsy shop along with a beautiful book of Christmas stories, Simple Gifts of Christmas.

As the title indicates, this CD is a labor of love and was 37 years in the making~ music from the heart of the Kansas Prairie. My dad is a singer, songwriter, and storyteller...he often describes real folk music as "music for and about regular folks" and this CD embodies that ideal:

"The songs tell much of the story of my life so far. Especially of the love that has touched me, shaped me, inspired me, and sometimes hurt me."
~Lee Wright

(yes, that's me holding my baby sister there on the cover:)
To hear samples from the CD, please visit Dad's Myspace page

Simple Gifts of Christmas is a homemade collection of personal Christmas memories from days gone by. This is a delightful project put together by the fascinating folks in my Dad's Sunday School group to benefit charities at home and around the world. The book is made up of original stories recounted from childhood and other special family memories that evoke a simpler time. Original illustrations and a new Christmas song are also included.

The book & CD set is available while supplies last in my Etsy shop
Order by Dec 20th to insure Christmas delivery:)


Walk in the Woods said...

What a wonderful honor to your dad and his talents ... and to support a charity too multiples that honor.


ChatElaine said...

A multi-talented family. Lovely photos the bluebird one is really fabulous. I wish him luck in his sales!

storybeader said...

so that's where you got your creative genes from! Great photos!

Strawberry Anarchy said...

wow what a wonderful photographs! that is totally gorgeous and a one in a million i love it!

Our Food Recipes said...

beautiful and informative...Great blog !

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