My Circlet Wizard Strikes Again

Just a few of Ian's newest Circlet (diadem, tiara, headband, etc;) designs! You can click on each photo to be taken to the shop listing, and for more photos of the individual item.

This is an updated version of our Tranquility Kyanite Circlet..Ian added a graceful diadem dip in the center and a darker blue strand of wire in the center of the Celtic weave band.

Ian first designed a headband for the maid of honor in his daughter Lorraine's wedding (yes it DID take place in a Scottish castle:). Once he figured out headbands could also be circlets, he was inspired to create a few more.

Spring Pearl Celtic Weave Headband

This Amethyst Myst Headband includes Amethyst, Crystal Pearls and Tanzanite Swarovski crystals...beautiful!!

His Golden Tiger's Eye Circlet would work for either Bride or Groom. A very simple and elegant headpiece, we have this featured in our new wedding shop on Etsy, Thyme2dream Weddings.

Find Us on ArtFire:

Thyme2dream ArtFire

And on Etsy:
Dragon Rider Circlets
Thyme2dream Weddings


ChatElaine said…
All gorgeous, I especially like the Amethyst Mist, must be the colours!! Happy New Year to you and your family :0) Elaine
squash said…
All the circlets are simply gorgeous!
Siret said…
Wow! Those are just so gorgeous!
What beautiful work! I love the amethyst one :).

Dear friend, have a wonderful 2009!! My best wishes for you and Ian for the upcoming year!
Alison said…
Oh, I love these so much! Every time I come to your site I want to mention also that I love the current picture on your entrecard too. I really want one of those!
Nancy said…
Beautiful pieces!
Jodi said…
I hope you have a wonderful and blessed New Year!
artmirror said…
Wow, these are the real little miracles. I love the light here. Your whole blog sparkles just wonderfully. Thank you for the fabulous view.
Tomas Karkalas said…
Wow, these are the real little miracle. Thank you for the fabulous touch. My bow to you.
Gorgeous work! I particularly love the purple one.
danielcoburn said…
I'm no expert on jewelry, but I really like the celtic style braiding. I finally linked to your blog from mine. Best of luck!!
JoJoBell said…
Karla these photos really show off the beauty of his workmanship!
williamhessian said…
i love the way these are photographed. the tree textures really emphasizes the amazing items. beautiful

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