Barefoot & Stardust

Well okay, its a wee bit too cold for the barefoot part just now, but a while back when trying to explain my fashion sense to someone I came up with this as a contrast to stockings and stilletos (which I am NOT;) & stardust really sums it up I think. Anyway, here is the latest result of my love affair with Labradorite (aka "temple of the stars"), my Stardust Labradorite Heart Ear Cuff

I only have a few of these delightful labradorite faceted hearts, so this design will only be available for a limited time..get it while you can;-)


Youvegotmaille said...

I'm hooked on labradorite too, and those are GORGEOUS. :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

That's adorable :)

ChatElaine said...

Very sweet, it has a lovely mystical glow!

macati said...

I want to wish you a supernice 2009 full of sweet craftings!

Beaderjojo said...

It's beautiful! Labradorite is my favorite stone too...such a brilliant flash.

Jewelry Rockstar said...


Lisa Amber said...

Your jewelry is amazing. :) That's a wonderful gemstone magic.:)
By the way, take a look at my jewelry blog here -
I post my jewelry advices and different gems revues here.:)

Any comments are welcome.

writingwithelegance said...

Beautiful as always--I am definitely an admirer of your work. I wanted to let you know that I've promoted your blog and told people to come on over and check out your wares:


Bella Casa said...

It is it a toe ring? I have never had one of those before, my feet are so dang ugly, ha!

I am having an Etsy Party on my blog, Jan 26-30 and I hope you will join us! The more the merrier ;)

PS: I can't wait for TUESDAY!!!

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