An Ear Cuff by Any Other Name

So what exactly IS an ear Cuff, ear vine, Bohemian Wrap??

Whilst getting ready for our first live shows this spring, Ian has been busy making displays and getting our tent ready. In the midst of this, we realised that in order to talk to one another coherently about Thyme2dream ear decor, some of my pieces need better names!

SO~ as of now~ the
Emerald Forest Elven Ear Cuff at left and all cuffs with embellishments that sit on the ear are officially called Ear Vines.

My ever popular simple cuff is still called an ear cuff:) This is one of the first cuff designs I made, and still one of my top sellers.. And YES you can request this one in any Swarovski colour they make~no extra charge! I also have "ear cuffs" with wee gemstone shape beads; hearts, stars, and moons

Then we have the Bohemian Wraps...Ian with his cheeky sense of humour came up with the name for this style a while ago. He is a big Queen fan and thought it would be funny if my ear wraps which are rather boho and gypsy in style were named after Bohemian Rhapsody...I do humor him sometimes;)

So far, these are called 2 in 1 Ear Cuff Dangles..rather a pedantic name, but the idea is there. With this style, the basic ear cuff at top is embellished by the addition of one or more danglie bits. They are "2 in 1" because I make them so they can be worn with or without the dangles..kind of fun!


Mommy Bee said…
I love "ear vine" that's perfect. :)
Naija said…
lovely earcuff :)
storybeader said…
love your earcuffs - haven't worn earrings for so long... you would be the first place I'd go!
Hot Rocks said…
Awesome! I love your style. I am sure you will do well at the show.
aquariann said…
"Ear vines" is a wonderful name! I can't wait to wear a pair of my very own. ;D
Your ear vines are wonderful..sure to be a best seller.
I love all of your creations no matter what they are called! even pedantic names are beautiful to your creations:D
and i love the tribute to Queens bohemian rahpsody, great song and great display of gypsy jewels too!love to you all

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