Gypsy Starchild Heads for the Faire

Im SO excited!! Our very first Renaissance Festival is coming up in two weeks and preparations are down to the wire...We will be at the Medieval Fair in Norman, Oklahoma April 3-5. We just got our booth assignment and it looks GREAT. Here's the map- our booth is where the purple heart is...right in the middle of the southwest section of the fair, between the Gypsy Stage and the Gryphon Stage!!:)

Special note for any of our Renfaire friends~ If you plan to attend this event, please stop by my Facebook event page and rsvp...Im offering 10% discount on your entire purchase at the fair if you do.

Hope to see you there!!:)


SarahKelley said…
Uber-congrats! Have fun!!!!
Youvegotmaille said…
That is so awesome!! Take lots of pics and have a blast :)
storybeader said…
Well, now I'll have to come out and see you! I have family in Norman, and went to graduate school at OU. Always a fun place. Maybe you can show me how the earring cuff works! {:-Deb
Congrats hun!
I hope you do *fantastic* in sales.
I second the pictures, Id love to see your booth and the surrounding area.
There are no Renn fairs here in Hawaii, something I miss greatly.
Shinade said…
Wow please don't let me forget this. My email is I am only about 11/2 hours from Norman.

If I can get my neighbor or if my hubby is home I would love to come!!

Do some Christmas shopping maybe???

Wow I hope I get to be there.

So how's it coming with that beautiful new grand baby???

marci said…
This is so exciting and will be so much fun. I wish I could go with you! Good Luck! Don't forget to write. heh heh
Tashai said…
Cool!! It just snowed here today! yuck. said…
hope you had a great show..

we love your jewels..

mona & the girls
Thyme2dream said…
Thanks everyone...we had a blast (including an ICY blast of cold air on Sunday,lol) and are very happy with our first fair gypsy adventure! I will do a new post with photos and details soon:)
storybeader said…
I am SO UPSET that I missed you - had the wrong weekend. It was beautiful Saturday, at least... I'm so glad you enjoyed Norman.
Soooo... How did it go??
Thyme2dream said…
Just finally got the post done...see above:)

No problem about missing,getting weekends mixed up is easy to do, we will be back next year!

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