Amethyst Crystal Celtic Heart Ear Cuff

I found these beautiful little amethyst hearts the other day at a bead show- perfect for a simple cuff.  I have a limited number of the beads available, so buy soon if you want one:)


mermaiden said…
beautiful hue to the amethyst :D
Beadwright said…
Ohhh how pretty. Very nice.

Lydia said…
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Waterrose said…
That is purple and silver together.
FishHawk said…
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Amethyst, one of my favorites. This is lovely. Have a great weekend!
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Ninni said…
I made my fist diadem. It was for my daughter so it dosnät matter if it were a little clumsy =) She will get one whe she gets married in avout 20 years, or I just shall HAVE TO order it from you ;) I so admire you art!
FishHawk said…
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Jay said…
Really is beautiful, with the combination of silver into purple color which make it hot and amazing.
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