Fae Fashion Treasury Makes Etsy Front Page

Fae Elven Fashion is one of my favorite topics. You may remember back when I was searching for a definition of my unusual, not quite bohemian-sort of gypsy starchild-always a costume fashion sense I decided to call myself a "Fae Elven Fashionista":). SO- earlier this week I was delighted to discover that Roisin from the lovely Child of Danu Blog had included one of my fairy rings in a beautiful Fae Fashion treasury...I was even MORE chuffed to wake up this morning and find it had been on Etsy's front page! Isnt it lovely?


Beadwright said…
Very nice. It is always a thrill to be featured.
Róisín said…
FP, yipee! Thanks so much again missus, and thanks too for leading me to your lovely blog. Somewhere else to wander when I'm not browsing your wonderful shop!

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