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A New Crown for Princess Buttercup

I love custom wedding jewelry and accessory requests! One of our brides is having a Princess Bride wedding complete with Westley, Buttercup, Inigo and a cast of thousands (well okay, probably just a cast of 10s, but they have costumes;). She asked me to make a crown for her to wear as Princess Buttercup, and this was the result.

UPDATE: This crown is now for sale as a made to order piece from Thyme2dream Weddings on EtsyThyme2dream Storenvy and Thyme2dream ArtFire.

Princess Bride Crown by Thyme2dream

Princess Bride Buttercup Crown by Thyme2dream

New Ear Dreams Ear Cuffs (and a Giveaway)

Sapphire and Ice Ear Dreams Ear Cuff

Ear Cuffs have always been a featured item in my handcrafted jewelry range because I come from a long line of women who never wanted to hassle with getting their ears pierced (but love ear jewelry of all kinds:).  I kinda figured I had exhausted all the ideas for new ways to put things on ears with no piercings, but I recently set aside a block of creativity time and out popped my latest ear cuff / ear wrap- an Art Nouveau inspired design that I am calling the Thyme2dream "Ear Dreams".

Ear Dreams are featured in my new Storenvy shop and at Thyme2dreamWeddings Etsy, We are also featuring them in the booth at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival this fall.

Ear Dreams Ear Cuff by Thyme2dream

To celebrate the new ear adornings Im giving away one of these new pieces!! To enter, leave a comment on the blog here...if you would like more than one chance to win, visit Thyme2dream on Facebook and comment, like and share the giveaway post there for more entries.  ENTRY DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT MONDAY, SEPT 9th. 

New Ear Cuff: Fairy Bubbles Rainbow Ear Dream

Art Nouveau and an Autumn Cornucopia of Jewelry

Art Nouveau Cornucopia Fairy Torc Necklace and Earring Set

In previous posts I have mentioned my fascination for Alphonse Mucha and his amazing work...this latest collection of mine was is another that was influenced by the father of Art Nouveau- it was created around gorgeous matte metallic leaf beads in autumn tones that I discovered recently.

The Art Nouveau Cornucopia jewelry collection includes my newest fairy torc style necklace, ear cuff, earrings, arm cuff, bracelet and more and is available at Thyme2dream Artfire and also in my Wedding Shop on Etsy

Dance from The Muses by Alphonse Mucha

Art Nouveau Cornucopia Jewelry Collection from Thyme2dream

Etsy Wedding Team Giveaway: Win a Thyme2dream Tiara

Im excited to be doing my first giveaway over on the #EtsyWeddingTeam blog! Im giving away a piece from my very popular Withywindle Wedding Collection, named in honor of one of my favorite characters in this first Lord of the Rings book.

Thyme2dream Withywindle Wedding Tiara~ the prize in this week's EWT giveaway

To enter the contest, please follow this link and complete the entries on the Rafflecopter widget (its easy, just follow the directions;) For more about this collection, read on.

"Down along under Hill, shining in the sunlight,
Waiting on the doorstep for the cold starlight,
There my pretty lady is, River-woman's daughter,
Slender as the willow-wand, clearer than the water."
~J.R.R Tolkien

Tom Bombadil appears toward the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring is one of my favorite characters from the Lord of the Rings. Athough I understood they needed to do something to keep the first film from being way too long, I was sad to see him left out of the films. Tom's wife Goldberry was a river daughter who he met one summer's day when he was dangling his beard in the River Withywindle where she lived with her mother. She pulled him in and apparently stole his heart, for he eventually took her home to be his bride.

A few pieces from the  Thyme2dream Withywindle Wedding Collection available in my ArtFire & Etsy Shops

Elegant Easy to Wear Ear Cuff Wraps

Elemental Ear Cuff

A very popular recent addition to our ear cuff range at Renaissance fairs has been this new style Ian created, the Fantasy Ear Wrap cuff.  This wrap style ear cuff  features elegant Czech glass leaves with a double dangle at the bottom. They are very easy to wear, just slip them over the back of your ear and shape to fit...and of course no piercing required!

Available online in Ian's Etsy shop
Mermaid Blue Beach Wedding Ear Cuff

Arwen Headdress in Gold

Thanks to my lovely niece for modeling our newest Arwen circlet.. this is our most elaborate headdress and may be made for you in any colors. The gold was especially pretty, so we decided to do a photo shoot with the new one. As always,please visit Thyme2dream Weddings or Thyme2dream Etsy to see all our latest goodies!
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