Deck the blogs

I havent had time to decorate my house yet (that usually happens about Christmas Eve at my house) so I decided I would decorate my blog with a few more Christmassy looking items.

This is my newest listing, although not a new design~ Brighid's Yule Crown.

Originally designed at a customer's request, it began life as a costume crown for Jadis the White Witch of Narnia , along with a Unicorn Horn for her miniature horse was a fun project!

Here are couple more items I have in my HOLIDAY SALE section now through Christmas:

Red Fairy Elven Forest Earrings

Red Fairy Elven Forest Ear Cuff


That crown is stunning! I can totally see the White Witch wearing that...
storybeader said…
I told my DH that he had to make room for our usual Christmas tree, if he wanted it out. Think I will also Deck the Blog instead!
A.Diamantis said…
That crown is amazing. I love it. It suits the season perfectly.
ChatElaine said…
Your crown is really amazing and very Narnia white witch ~ I do love the red fairy elven pieces.
Gypsiedream said…
That is a very beautiful crown. Befitting for any winter celebration.
Pamela said…
I love your work, I featured you in my blog today, Go pluggers!
Hot Rocks said…
I have given you an award, and hope you will collect! Please see my blog for details.
Suesun said…
Your ear cuff is adorable! I love it so much!

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