Gypsy Starchild Heads for the Faire

Im SO excited!! Our very first Renaissance Festival is coming up in two weeks and preparations are down to the wire...We will be at the Medieval Fair in Norman, Oklahoma April 3-5. We just got our booth assignment and it looks GREAT. Here's the map- our booth is where the purple heart is...right in the middle of the southwest section of the fair, between the Gypsy Stage and the Gryphon Stage!!:)

Special note for any of our Renfaire friends~ If you plan to attend this event, please stop by my Facebook event page and rsvp...Im offering 10% discount on your entire purchase at the fair if you do.

Hope to see you there!!:)

An Ear Cuff by Any Other Name

So what exactly IS an ear Cuff, ear vine, Bohemian Wrap??

Whilst getting ready for our first live shows this spring, Ian has been busy making displays and getting our tent ready. In the midst of this, we realised that in order to talk to one another coherently about Thyme2dream ear decor, some of my pieces need better names!

SO~ as of now~ the
Emerald Forest Elven Ear Cuff at left and all cuffs with embellishments that sit on the ear are officially called Ear Vines.

My ever popular simple cuff is still called an ear cuff:) This is one of the first cuff designs I made, and still one of my top sellers.. And YES you can request this one in any Swarovski colour they make~no extra charge! I also have "ear cuffs" with wee gemstone shape beads; hearts, stars, and moons

Then we have the Bohemian Wraps...Ian with his cheeky sense of humour came up with the name for this style a while ago. He is a big Queen fan and thought it would be funny if my ear wraps which are rather boho and gypsy in style were named after Bohemian Rhapsody...I do humor him sometimes;)

So far, these are called 2 in 1 Ear Cuff Dangles..rather a pedantic name, but the idea is there. With this style, the basic ear cuff at top is embellished by the addition of one or more danglie bits. They are "2 in 1" because I make them so they can be worn with or without the dangles..kind of fun!

New Administrative Assistant @ Thyme2dream

I have been saying I really need some help with admin, so Ive finally decided to hire an administrative she is working away:

Okay, not really..that would actually be my adorable baby niece for whom the Sophia Collection was named. Looks like shes an admin in waiting tho:)

Sapphire & Ice Elven Forest Collection

Im finally getting my wedding shop, up and running!

The Sapphire & Ice collection was a delight to make..I love the sparkly blues and shimmery white pearls- perfect for weddings that want a spot of colour, dont you think?

Celtic Fiddle Fire

Ive been a fan of acoustic music all my life and have been privileged to hear some amazing fiddle players live from the time I was very young. In my not at all humble opinion, Duncan Chisolm is the absolute best Celtic fiddle player in the world. He plays with the amazing Scottish Folk Rock band Wolfstone, but his solo work is where his playing gets a chance to is a 2007 performance with Ivan Drever, one of the founders of Wolfstone

That's My Boys!

Im a grandma! My son, Matthew and his new baby boy Aidan Daniel, born this morning at 7:54am. We are all totally chuffed to welcome this delightful 'little fire' into our family..mother & baby are doing well, and dad is recovering, lol

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