Elven (Elvish, Elf?) Ear Couture

So just what IS the proper term for something belonging to an Elf? Elven, Elvish, just Elf? I have always thought that Elvish more referred to the language and Elven would be correct in the above title...if anyone has an opinion, please feel free to weigh in:-)

ANYWAY...I recently discovered that my earcuffs are a wonderful accessory for Elven costumes as a way to conceal the "seams" on ear additions. My new friend Ammie from The Gilded Quill on Etsy was kind enough to send me some photos of her new cuffs in action, and I wanted to share them with you here!

Ammie is a bookbinder extraordinaire and her Etsy shop is full of wonderful journals, wands, faerie lights and other magickal accouterments. For even more of her delightful magick-ing, you can also visit her website: www.gildedquill.net

Both pieces are available in my Etsy shop Thyme2dream.

She is wearing my Lothlorien Spring Forest Ear Cuff on the bottom

and the Lothlorien Crystal Forest Ear Cuff on the top of her ear.

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