Lorriane's Wedding

Ian finally finished the tiara for his daughter, Lorraine. She is getting married in a Scottish Castle, complete with kilts, bagpipes and maybe even a ghost or two...

Lorraine wanted a sort of goth but not too goth look, and we were delighted to find these gorgeous ivy leaf charms at one of our favorite bead suppliers. Ian worked forever to modify the leaves so they would work in the design, but it was well worth the effort!!

This design also has an optional Celtic Weave band that can be added:

Elven Forest Ivy Leaf Tiara


Dashery Jewelry said…
This tiara is gorgeous! Lorraine is very lucky to be able to get married in a Scottish Castle, and wear this fabulous adornment!
Kimmy said…
I love looking at Lothlorien, but this one is beautiful!
Melissa said…
Congratulations to Lorraine, and what a lovely tiara. Getting married in a castle, will be cool. Please share pics, if she lets you.
Triz Designs said…
the tiara is gorgeous! congratulations on your daughter's upcoming wedding!!! i'm sure from your description the whole event will be beautiful!
Leslie said…
That is gorgeous! Your did an excellent job! Did the big leaves have the little leaves in them already or did you guys mod it that way? gorgeous i tell you! gorgeous. lol

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