Fairy Fanciful Wedding Style Boards

Fae-Elven Fashionistas unite! I need your help bringing fairy fanciful wedding ideas to life with Thyme2dream & Im willing to share a bit of fun in return;)

In response to a post on Thyme2dream Facebook, Mary of HoneyBearBeads.etsy.com made this beautiful wedding style board featuring my Golden Slumbers Arm Cuff.

Making a wedding style board-or mood board as they are sometimes called- is all the rage for brides to be. Its made all the more easy with the Dessy Design a Wedding Styleboard Tool coordinated with the new Pantone Wedding system. Pantone wedding makes color coordinating your wedding easy, even if you have a LOT of friends helping;).

What does all this have to do with Thyme2dream and Fae-Elven fashion? I am putting together an exhibit of style boards that include Thyme2dream pieces and since I know I have a LOT of creative readers I would like to ask you to participate..and offer a wee bit of a reward in return:

If you make a style board and include one of my pieces I will give you a $20 gift certificate to Thyme2dream Artfire AND any time I use your board here on my blog or in any other posts I will credit you and include a link to your shop/blog/website- whatever you prefer:)

Also- if you are a bride to be OR helper/organiser for an impending wedding, you may want to enter the Dessy Style Board Challenge over at Onewed.com ..first prize for this month is $500 worth of Dessy accessories!!

To sum it all up:

1. Go to the Dessy Wedding Style Board Tool and create a board including any Thyme2dream piece.

2. Come back here and post the link to your style board in the comments here. Please also include whatever promotional link - Etsy, Artfire or other shop, website, etc-you would like me to use when crediting you.

3. Be sure I can contact you through your profile information, or contact me through www.thyme2dream.artfire.com so I can send your gift Certificate:)

Brides to Be/ wedding planners be sure to check out the OneWed.com Dessy Style Board Contest and use your styleboard to enter to win $500 in Dessy Accessories.

Thanks for your help & have fun everyone!!!

Bridal Blushes and Sugar Hills

Thanks to friends from Texas to Tel Aviv, I have been included in two STUNNING treasuries this week!

The treasury at left- "Bridal Blushes" -was curated by RaysofGrace (visit her shop to see some lovely photography) and features beautiful wedding items, including our Art Nouveau Elven Headdress. The treasury is active until Saturday Jan 23 ~ just click on the photo to visit & for more info about the various items.

This second treasury- "Sugar Hills and Purple Dreams"- is a mixture of fantasy items & art prints in gorgeous plum and golden hues that fairly glow with magic!!

It was curated by InmostLight, an Etsy seller from Tel Aviv, Israel who features fanciful art photos and jewelry in her shop. Im honored to have my Celtic Star Goddess Ear Cuff included in this delightful collection! This treasury will also be active through Saturday Jan. 23rd- so hurry and pop in for more details!!

Fire Fairy~ Cheery Thought for a Winters Day

The snow is finally melting, but its been foggy and dreary here for several days. Dont get me wrong, I love the fog, but I decided we could all use a bit of sunshine and cheery thoughts! Fire Moon is a lovely fairy we met this past fall at the Des Moines Renaissance Festival...if you look closely you will see she has a sun orange crystal Goddess Ear Cuff to accent all her fiery finery:)

Fairy Thyme

Me playing with the Fairies when I was three years old...thanks to my dad for the wonderful photo and for my EnchantedFolk.com friend Tommy who added the fae bits- visit his site www.imythyou.com for more info about his faery photos:)

Headdress for an Elven Snow Queen

Its been of the snowiest winters we have had here in Kansas for years (starting with our very own Christmas Blizzard), but it made for fun photography!

This is our latest Alphonse Mucha inspired Elven Headdress design- Ian calls it the Snow Queen in his DragonRider Circlets shop and I have included it in the Sapphire Ice collection at Thyme2dream ArtFire

So I was on Etsy's Front page yesterday...

...but being me, I totally missed it:) This post will show you how I discovered that fact and includes some helpful links to nifty Etsy Apps & Tools.

Our Mucha inspiredArt Nouveau Elven Headdress was featured on Etsy's front page yesterday afternoon! I totally missed it, but thanks to the My Etsy Facebook Application it was automatically posted on my profile, so I knew something was up.

I was still a bit mystified as to how/where I was featured so I did a bit of detective work. First I checked on Twitter - sure enough, one of my friends had sent an @reply telling me she saw me there (Thank you jenniferdarezzo.etsy.com).

At that point I had been down enough rabbit trails for the day so didnt do any more sleuthing til this evening when I suddenly remembered Craft Cult. They have a lot of fun things on the site, including The Vault, which has an archive of all Etsy front pages searchable by member name and date- quite a handy thing!! I checked and sure enough there it was...they also have a cute little widget thingie which is how I posted the list here for you to see. (TIP: click on the widget to go to the vault page- from there you can click to access the individual listings if you are interested:)

Its amazing how many handy tools there are out there for internet craft sellers- I hope some of these come in handy for you. I will be featuring a few more in the coming weeks here on my blog so stay tuned;)

Galadriel's Ivy Leaf Mithrail Circlet

One of our lovely customers from the Four Kingdoms Renaissance Faire in Rock Island, IL this past season..doesnt she have elven eyes?:)

This Galadriel style circlet was the best selling Elven Headress at the Renaissance and Fairy Festivals we attended, and Ian can make it for you in any colour you like..its on sale now at Dragonrider Circlets on Etsy.
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