Runrig: Fanciful Magick-ing Inspiration

RUNRIG is an amazing Scottish band from the Western Isles. They make great music to create by, such incredible passion!!

If you have never heard them before, give yourself 10 minutes and enjoy this magical set...there are actually two songs on this video, and the second is even more incredible than the first so listen all the way through:)

If you are in Europe this year you may have a chance to catch them live...visit their official website here:

Elven (Elvish, Elf?) Ear Couture

So just what IS the proper term for something belonging to an Elf? Elven, Elvish, just Elf? I have always thought that Elvish more referred to the language and Elven would be correct in the above title...if anyone has an opinion, please feel free to weigh in:-)

ANYWAY...I recently discovered that my earcuffs are a wonderful accessory for Elven costumes as a way to conceal the "seams" on ear additions. My new friend Ammie from The Gilded Quill on Etsy was kind enough to send me some photos of her new cuffs in action, and I wanted to share them with you here!

Ammie is a bookbinder extraordinaire and her Etsy shop is full of wonderful journals, wands, faerie lights and other magickal accouterments. For even more of her delightful magick-ing, you can also visit her website:

Both pieces are available in my Etsy shop Thyme2dream.

She is wearing my Lothlorien Spring Forest Ear Cuff on the bottom

and the Lothlorien Crystal Forest Ear Cuff on the top of her ear.

Titania's Dream: Work In Progress

I am honored to announce that one of my favortite Etsy artists, Ida M W Larsen, aka Mizzdraconia is working on a new painting of Titania, featuring jewelry from my Crystal Forest Collection

She recently sent photos from her model shoot to update me on the progress, and kindly gave me permission to post them here in my blog:

In the photos, Ida is wearing my Lothlorien Crystal Forest Tiara, Bracelet, Necklace and also my Midsummer Night Fairy Arm Cuff

I am so excited about this is fun to have my work included in another fantasy artist's piece, and fascinating to follow Ida as she goes through the creative process!

Ida's work has been featured in such publications as Heavy Metal Magazine, Art Scene International,Imagine FX Magazine, Photoshop Creative Magazine and Forbidden Whispers Magazine. In her shop on Etsy, she features prints of many of her pieces as well as fun and functional jewelry and other sudries with her artwork.

You can also see her work on her own website:

UPDATE: Here is a link to the completed print in her Etsy Shop: The Frog Princess
It ended up not being Titania, but a gorgeous piece nonetheless:)

Moonlit Blue Fairy Bower Necklace Set

A new range I am introducing...I was asked by a customer to make a set of ear cuff, matching earring and coordinating necklace..she wanted fairies fluttering all around her, including one to sit right atop her ear. Of COURSE I was enchanted with the idea, and had a delightful time designing these:-).

As always, this set is available in my Etsy Shop Thyme2dream

Jadis & the Unicorn: Another fun project for Thyme2dream

Meet our latest Jewelry customer:-)
Elle (aka Legally Blonde) is a beautiful minature horse from New Brighton Stables in Raleigh, NC. Thanks to a bit of Ian's woodworking magic along with a snippet of my czech glass and crystal bling, she will be magically transformed into a unicorn for an AMHA Regional Show the end of this month.

Because it had to be very lightweight, Ian hand-carved the horn out of a block of balsa wood, painted it and made the wire loops to secure the horn to Elle's harness. He then turned it over to me for decoration. This was another project where our customer (it was actually Cyndy at NBS who emailed, not Elle;-) was a bit tentative when approaching us with what she thought was a "strange" request. I was delighted with the idea and Ian was his usual genius self in coming up with the design for the horn.

Elle's handler will be wearing this ice crown...similar to the one Jadis the White Witch wears in The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. The crown also required a bit of innovation as well as an internet search for just the right quality of acrylic icicles. Ian constructed the main structure and I addded the combs and bits to secure it as well as decorating the base.

The crown is now for sale in my ArtFire Shop. Im not sure about the unicorn horn~I dont know how many miniature horses there are out there looking for a horn...but if you know of one, or would just like the unicorn horn as fanciful home or garden decor, please let us know! As always if you have a strange jewelry or costume accessory request, never be afraid to ask...we love a challenge;-)

UPDATE: We were delighted to learn that our costume accouterments helped Elle and her crew take FIRST PLACE in the national competition:)

Wholigan ~ism aka The Kids are Alright

I have always categorized British Rock Music Invasion of the 1960's into 3 categories...the cute boys, the tough boys and the downright fascinating boys. The Who were the sole reason for the 3rd category...on the surface they were just a bunch of crazy (and kinda cute;-) lads from the UK, but when you looked closer they were really AMAZING in a delightfully wacky sort of way.

I hold a deep admiration for Roger, Pete, John and Keith. We even ushered in the New Year at our party this this year with an impromtu Baba O'Riley jam complete with bagpipes, synth, 6 funky drummers, mandolin and was great!!

SO, imagine my delight when I was approached my a member of the Wholigans~ the official fan club~ and asked to create a tiara and some other bling for her to wear to the live taping of the VH1 Rock Honours The Who concert in LA July 12th. Here are some of the fun and hopefully functional results of that request.

Thanks so much, Carolyn for the request!

I'm always up for a fun new project...if anyone else has a jewelry or wire sculpture idea that you are afraid sounds too wacky never be afraid to contact me- Im creatively unflappable like that;-)

Danu, Queen of the Sidhe: A Fae Celtic Crown

I have so much fun naming our new creations!! This crown was designed by Ian so my only contribution to the fun was telling the story:). I decided this one looked quite ancient with a truely earthy elegance, so I named it the Danu crown. In Irish legend, the goddess Danu was queen of all Sidhe (faerie folk).. her legend spread throughout Celtic Europe, the Danube river was even named after her. The Tuatha Dé Danann or "people of the goddess Danu" are a race of people in Irish Mythology, and the legends of Danu are most prevelent in that tradition.

This has been a very popular design~our first customer was a very talented British artist who found us on Etsy. Emily Carding designed the lovely Tarot of the Sidhe, and we were extremely honoured when she chose the Danu crown to wear in her handfasting! I was also delighted when she sent along these wonderful photos of her special day...just look at that gorgeous dress!!:

Emily's work can be found on Etsy at and also on her own website Thanks Em for sending the photos:-)!

We recently were asked to do a silver version of the Danu crown, and include Carribean opal Swarovski crystals to coordinate with a bride's necklace and are photos of my lovely niece modeling the result:

The Danu crown in silver or gold can be customised with any Swarovski crystal last count they have over 250 colours available, so this gives you a wide range of choices!

We have this and other crowns, circlets and tiaras now for sale in both and my new DaWanda Thyme2dream shop. Ian also has some exclusive circlet designs in his newly renamed Dragon Rider Circlets shop on Etsy.
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