Art Nouveau Elven Headdress

I'm so excited about how this Arwen inspired Elven Headdress turned out..My sister took some in a big hurry photos tonight (wish my in a hurry photos looked THAT good!) and I just couldn't wait to post them.

This piece is truly a collaboration- I came up with an idea based on a request from a customer...Ian designed the gorgeous celtic weave base, my niece Alicia designed the bead strands (and is the model in these photos;), and I added my crystal flower arrangements and put it all together. My sister did the photos- she is so good she made even these rushed ones look great!

Tomorrow we will try to get some daylight shots- the bead strands are full of swarovski crystals and we really want to get some of the amazing sparkle in the photos.

UPDATE: These are now made to order!! I can even customize the colours for you if you like. Now available in the Nouveau Wedding collection in my ArtFire Shop

The Fae Come to call

Oh I am SO new friend Gini, aka sent photos of her adorable girls in their Halloween costumes- complete with Jewelry by yours truly. I knew these costumes were going to be delightful just from her description and I was not disappointed. Cassandra & Jessica look absolutely adorable..and look like they were born fae as well (the ears look so REAL)!

Their mum is a talented Chain Maille designer who I met at the Etsy Chainmaillers & Wire Artisans virtual trunk show a while back....this is my favorite piece from her shop (and since my family reads my blog, YES, it is on my Christmas wishlist;) Click the photo to be taken to the Etsy listing for this piece, or CLICK HERE for her Etsy storefront.

Autumn Wedding & Warmth Treasuries

WOW- I am honored to be included in this gorgeous Etsy wedding treasury..its running until Wednesday noon, so pop in tonight and take a closer look if you get a chance:)

And then that got me to looking through the others, and here is this beautiful autumn colour treasury that features my Elven Dreams Art Nouveau arm cuff. This is so lovely it is hard to believe its RizSedek's first treasury! Its running until Thursday.



Circlets, Crowns & Tiaras SALE at Squidoo

In a shameless effort to promote my Squidoo lens (I was in the top 100 in arts for a week and it was addictive, lol) I have decided to keep a shop special posted there at all times.

From now until Oct 31st I have a $10 coupon listed for Circlets, Crowns or Tiaras- so its a great chance for you to feel like a princess, fairy queen or just be fancy.

Guys- we have manly men styles too...for your lord of the manor look (yes the ladies DO think guys in circlets are sexy-just look at how we swooned over the LOTR boys;-)

Even if you dont need a circlet just now, please stop by Thyme2dream Squidoo and say hello:-)

Jewelry in the Heavenlies- Wire Artisans Milky Way Challenge

I was late in getting this out...but here is our Wire Artisans Guild of Etsy Monthly Challenge mini...the theme was Milky Way- I LOVE these pieces!!

The Magical Land of the South Wind seen through the eyes of an amazing photographer!

Daniel Coburn's most recent book~ available for sale here

My sister and I went to Lawrence this afternoon to catch the final day of a photography exhibit of Daniel Coburn's black & white Kansas! I know its cliched, but on the way home I was thinking about the dramatic scene in the Wizard of Oz where the film goes from the drab "Kansas" black & white to the weird technicolor of early a child I thought that was SO amazing! The exhibit today was like walking through another door, into an even more magical place. If you look closely, Kansas really is was another of those proud to be a Daughter of the South Wind moments:)

Daniel Coburn's Blog

Official Website & Online Gallery

Fairy Costume Jewelry Set: Tiara, Ear Cuff, Arm Cuff (Bracelet)

A couple of Fairy costume sets I made for a customer this week...for her girls age 5 and 8 to wear with their halloween costumes- I cant wait to see the photos of the complete outfits:)

Cos I really do think the tag things are fun...

I am SO far behind in acknowledging my blogging friends who have given me awards and/or fun I am going to try to start a new leaf here- begin with the latest,and include the wonderful people who have given me awards and tags in the past couple of months (If I missed you, please leave me a comment so I can amend my oversight).
I LOVE MY BLOG FRIENDS...and am sorry Im such a slacker, lol!!

I was tagged by Twenty Pound Tabby on Monday...and to quote her post: The rules are I link back to the tagger(s), share seven random or weird facts about myself, post these rules and then tag seven others.

my factoids:

1. I am 6'3" tall (yes really) I forget that my online friends don't know that...its the first thing people notice about me in person!

2. Hubby Ian and I are both NOT coffee drinkers- never have been. Ian is the only other person I have ever met who isn't.

3. I really do have Thyme in my garden- I grow herbs because I think they are useful, friendly plants and because they are very hardy wee things and can survive my "attention deficit gardening" style;)

4. I was named after a lake in Idaho..sort of...the lake is called Coeur D'alaine and I am Karla Dalaine...Dad thought Coeur sounded too much like the beer, so they went with Karla.

5. My 3 boys all have 2 middle names- I started with the oldest and couldn't leave the other two out!

6. I am a 4th generation oldest child-all females-on my mother's side (from a LONG line of strong-willed women, please pray for my beloved husband)

7. I pretty much love everyone in the have to try really hard to make me not like you, and even then it probably wont work:)

Passing the tag torch on to:

From Snapshot to Fine Art

(my little sister's AMAZING photography blog)

Altered Events
(a FAE and Entrecard friend- her blog is so much fun!!)

The Art Zoo

(featuring wonderful new creations from the handmade world)

Simply Shiny
(wonderful wire artist & and VERY informative blog)

Kimmy Sharing Light
(beautiful & thoughtful blog- and one of the awards I need to catch up with;-)

(a Dutch EntreCard friend- and another award I was honored to receive)

The Beaded Lily's Sketchbook
(beautiful beadwork and tagged me in a CUTE tag on Oct 11)

The Gypsy Starchild and the Bohemian Wraps

My whole venture into jewelry started with my 88 year old grandma asking if I could make ear cuffs a few years ago...I had been twisting wire for a few months or so and making suncatchers and other "fanciful things for magical spaces". When Grandma asked if I could make an ear cuff I decided this was one of the coolest ideas I had heard! I dont have pierced ears, never have never will- but I LOVE danglie things hanging from my ears..ear cuffs have been the perfect solution for me- clip-ons are awful things!

Once in awhile I like to really go boho gypsy and wear LOTS of dangles on one or both ears (usually one, Im weirdly asymmetrical like that), so I came up with these behind the ear wraps that have a dangle at top and bottom.

These are a lot of fun for me to make..I get to do some more traditional bead stringing, and still be gypsy girl organic with my gemstones and stuff.

I was trying to figue out what to call these, and my beloved Ian-master of slightly corny word plays-suggested Bohemian Wraps...because he is a Queen fan, and my maternal ancestors are from Bohemia...and these are just Boho all the way around anyway- it fit, it stuck, and they are now a complete "range" in my shops on Etsy and DaWanda

You can find my Bohemian Wraps in the Ear cuffs section of Thyme2dream Etsy, or click on any photo here to be taken to that individual listing. They are easy to wear, very adjustable, and can be worn with or without earrings..they also work delightfully with my 2 in 1 dangle ear cuffs for a LOT of gypsy dangle action!

And Now for Something Completely Different

(why yes, I AM a Python fan- how did you guess?;-)

Okay, its not completely different...but a bit of a departure from my usual style and genre...its STEAMPUNK !! I have always liked the Jules Verne sort of Victorian industrial style, even before I knew it had an official is the result of my first foray into the world of gears & filigree:

Moonlit Fairy Bower Tiara

Quickly again...busy busy busy...I am officially NOT participating in any recession, depression or recession they may be throwing;-) I'm busy filling orders and working on new designs, but I wanted to pop in here and show you all my new tiara- a blue one to add to the fairy bower collection...and I love the way it turned out if I do say so myself:

Chaos Conquering & a Partial Plethora of Rings

I have been a bit disappeared lately dealing with some major chaos that needs conquering in my life...partly due to the mixed blessing of having such a close-knit extended family (which I wouldn't trade for anything- I LOVE my crazy family!) and partly just due to the daily "stuff happens" experiences we all go through.

ANYWAY- this is just a general post to tell you all that I love you and havent forgotten you, even tho I am behind in thanking several people for Blog Awards (thank you everyone, I will get them updated here eventually) EntreCard dropping, and other important cyberworld things. I am taking the next few days to focus totally on getting caught up with orders, etc and then will be back in full force:)

In the meantime, I will post new photos as I have is a partial plethora of new rings I will be listing in my Etsy shop soon:

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