My Circlet Wizard Strikes Again

Just a few of Ian's newest Circlet (diadem, tiara, headband, etc;) designs! You can click on each photo to be taken to the shop listing, and for more photos of the individual item.

This is an updated version of our Tranquility Kyanite Circlet..Ian added a graceful diadem dip in the center and a darker blue strand of wire in the center of the Celtic weave band.

Ian first designed a headband for the maid of honor in his daughter Lorraine's wedding (yes it DID take place in a Scottish castle:). Once he figured out headbands could also be circlets, he was inspired to create a few more.

Spring Pearl Celtic Weave Headband

This Amethyst Myst Headband includes Amethyst, Crystal Pearls and Tanzanite Swarovski crystals...beautiful!!

His Golden Tiger's Eye Circlet would work for either Bride or Groom. A very simple and elegant headpiece, we have this featured in our new wedding shop on Etsy, Thyme2dream Weddings.

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Thyme2dream Weddings

Hey Dorothy, its winter in Kansas..bring Toto too!

So when I went to bed last night, we had a tornado watch...
it had been up to 67 degrees here yesterday!!
This morning I woke up to a world full of frozen
(-:¦:-•:*'""*:•.-:¦:-•*Fairy Sparkles*•-:¦:-•:*'''''*:•-:¦:-)
Here are a couple of photos I took from the porch
I LOVE Kansas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

My favorite family portrait so far this year..this is my niece and her delightful family at the end of a long photo shoot for Christmas portraits..this about sums up Christmas at our house..happy & tired. Also, below is my favorite bit from A Charlie Brown Christmas:)

~Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas
& a blessed New Year~

Procrastinators unite & save some money too

(one size fits all & INSTANT delivery;)

I'm busily working through the first ever Christmas rush in my shop-which means that I have not shopped for a SINGLE Christmas present for anyone on my list. Luckily, I have started the family tradition of Gift Certificates!! Not just any old GC will do you know..I think carefully about each individual on my list and give them a gift card to some place I think they will love- and maybe even one that they haven't discovered yet!! I also dress them up nicely little wrapped packages so we have lots of magical wee parcels under our tree.

Sound like fun? If you are a bit of a procrastinator like me, and have a special fae-elven someone on your list I would like to help you with your Christmas shopping;). Now through Christmas all my gift certificates are 20% off..that means $20 will get you $25, $40 gets you $50 and so on!

PS~yes, its perfectly fine if you would just like to buy one for yourself;-)

I Love my Dad:)

Christmas Bluebird
©2008 Lee Wright

My dad has always encouraged me in my creative pursuits, and also inspired me...he plays guitar, writes songs, is a wonderful photographer and he is a writer as well. This Christmas I am featuring his first ever CD, Love to Love to Love in my Etsy shop along with a beautiful book of Christmas stories, Simple Gifts of Christmas.

As the title indicates, this CD is a labor of love and was 37 years in the making~ music from the heart of the Kansas Prairie. My dad is a singer, songwriter, and storyteller...he often describes real folk music as "music for and about regular folks" and this CD embodies that ideal:

"The songs tell much of the story of my life so far. Especially of the love that has touched me, shaped me, inspired me, and sometimes hurt me."
~Lee Wright

(yes, that's me holding my baby sister there on the cover:)
To hear samples from the CD, please visit Dad's Myspace page

Simple Gifts of Christmas is a homemade collection of personal Christmas memories from days gone by. This is a delightful project put together by the fascinating folks in my Dad's Sunday School group to benefit charities at home and around the world. The book is made up of original stories recounted from childhood and other special family memories that evoke a simpler time. Original illustrations and a new Christmas song are also included.

The book & CD set is available while supplies last in my Etsy shop
Order by Dec 20th to insure Christmas delivery:)

The Elves Would Like Me to Announce

A small sample of the items
still available in my HOLIDAY SALE section

Since the elves I hang out with are not the same busy little creatures that populate Santa's shop, and have lives of their own to attend to (leaving me to produce all the jewelry from my shop pretty much single handed;) we need to let you know that the official Thyme2dream CHRISTMAS SHIPPING DEADLINE for the USA is DECEMBER 18th.

On the other hand GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for instant delivery via email..AND on sale at 20% off just now;)

Deck the blogs

I havent had time to decorate my house yet (that usually happens about Christmas Eve at my house) so I decided I would decorate my blog with a few more Christmassy looking items.

This is my newest listing, although not a new design~ Brighid's Yule Crown.

Originally designed at a customer's request, it began life as a costume crown for Jadis the White Witch of Narnia , along with a Unicorn Horn for her miniature horse was a fun project!

Here are couple more items I have in my HOLIDAY SALE section now through Christmas:

Red Fairy Elven Forest Earrings

Red Fairy Elven Forest Ear Cuff

Fairy Delightful Cherry Blossom Ear Cuff

Im a busy little elf this year, so I havent had much time to work on new designs, except when asked by a customer (THANK YOU!!:-) is a new creation I made for a customer in Japan to match a fuchsia earring she had. I wasnt too sure about the pink (pink scares me a little bit, but so far my experiences with it have turned out okay, lol) but this one is now my favorite new design:)

Yes- it is available for sale HERE

Love, Breath & Spirit

This song is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever. I remember the first Christmas that I was a mom- one night I was rocking my 4 month old son to sleep in the living room with only the Christmas lights on, and I suddenly had this inexpressible joy in my heart, thinking of another baby so long ago...amazing love that took my breath away, and yet gave me breath at the same time! (Did you know in Hebrew, the word for Breath and Spirit is the same?) Now that little baby of mine is about to become a father I smiled at this bit he left on twitter the other evening:

"Aidan is playing pattycake with me through his mom's belly. This impending fatherhood thing is really interesting sometimes"

My beautiful Christmas moments...I just had to share:) Blessings everyone!!

Magical Elven Journey Bag from Sol Sisters & a SALE

I just found out that my friend over at SolSisters Studio featured my jewelry on her blog WITH This absolutely delightful Eloria Elven Journeys Bag AND ITS ON SALE!!! It is normally $50, it is reduced to $30 ONLY until 9am pacific time tomorrow (Tues Dec 2nd)- that gives you east coasters til noon, so no worries;)

Since it IS a perfect match with my Rivendell & Fairy Bower pieces, I decided I would give an extra bonus to go along with it..IF you buy the bag, you can take an extra $5 off any order with me (yes, that includes HOLIDAY SALE items as well..and I just added the Rivendell Earrings to the sale)

Be sure to visit SolSisters Studio to get offer code...before someone else snatches it up!!

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