My Circlet Wizard Strikes Again

Just a few of Ian's newest Circlet (diadem, tiara, headband, etc;) designs! You can click on each photo to be taken to the shop listing, and for more photos of the individual item.

This is an updated version of our Tranquility Kyanite Circlet..Ian added a graceful diadem dip in the center and a darker blue strand of wire in the center of the Celtic weave band.

Ian first designed a headband for the maid of honor in his daughter Lorraine's wedding (yes it DID take place in a Scottish castle:). Once he figured out headbands could also be circlets, he was inspired to create a few more.

Spring Pearl Celtic Weave Headband

This Amethyst Myst Headband includes Amethyst, Crystal Pearls and Tanzanite Swarovski crystals...beautiful!!

His Golden Tiger's Eye Circlet would work for either Bride or Groom. A very simple and elegant headpiece, we have this featured in our new wedding shop on Etsy, Thyme2dream Weddings.

Find Us on ArtFire:

Thyme2dream ArtFire

And on Etsy:
Dragon Rider Circlets
Thyme2dream Weddings

Hey Dorothy, its winter in Kansas..bring Toto too!

So when I went to bed last night, we had a tornado watch...
it had been up to 67 degrees here yesterday!!
This morning I woke up to a world full of frozen
(-:¦:-•:*'""*:•.-:¦:-•*Fairy Sparkles*•-:¦:-•:*'''''*:•-:¦:-)
Here are a couple of photos I took from the porch
I LOVE Kansas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

My favorite family portrait so far this year..this is my niece and her delightful family at the end of a long photo shoot for Christmas portraits..this about sums up Christmas at our house..happy & tired. Also, below is my favorite bit from A Charlie Brown Christmas:)

~Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas
& a blessed New Year~

Procrastinators unite & save some money too

(one size fits all & INSTANT delivery;)

I'm busily working through the first ever Christmas rush in my shop-which means that I have not shopped for a SINGLE Christmas present for anyone on my list. Luckily, I have started the family tradition of Gift Certificates!! Not just any old GC will do you know..I think carefully about each individual on my list and give them a gift card to some place I think they will love- and maybe even one that they haven't discovered yet!! I also dress them up nicely little wrapped packages so we have lots of magical wee parcels under our tree.

Sound like fun? If you are a bit of a procrastinator like me, and have a special fae-elven someone on your list I would like to help you with your Christmas shopping;). Now through Christmas all my gift certificates are 20% off..that means $20 will get you $25, $40 gets you $50 and so on!

PS~yes, its perfectly fine if you would just like to buy one for yourself;-)

I Love my Dad:)

Christmas Bluebird
©2008 Lee Wright

My dad has always encouraged me in my creative pursuits, and also inspired me...he plays guitar, writes songs, is a wonderful photographer and he is a writer as well. This Christmas I am featuring his first ever CD, Love to Love to Love in my Etsy shop along with a beautiful book of Christmas stories, Simple Gifts of Christmas.

As the title indicates, this CD is a labor of love and was 37 years in the making~ music from the heart of the Kansas Prairie. My dad is a singer, songwriter, and storyteller...he often describes real folk music as "music for and about regular folks" and this CD embodies that ideal:

"The songs tell much of the story of my life so far. Especially of the love that has touched me, shaped me, inspired me, and sometimes hurt me."
~Lee Wright

(yes, that's me holding my baby sister there on the cover:)
To hear samples from the CD, please visit Dad's Myspace page

Simple Gifts of Christmas is a homemade collection of personal Christmas memories from days gone by. This is a delightful project put together by the fascinating folks in my Dad's Sunday School group to benefit charities at home and around the world. The book is made up of original stories recounted from childhood and other special family memories that evoke a simpler time. Original illustrations and a new Christmas song are also included.

The book & CD set is available while supplies last in my Etsy shop
Order by Dec 20th to insure Christmas delivery:)

The Elves Would Like Me to Announce

A small sample of the items
still available in my HOLIDAY SALE section

Since the elves I hang out with are not the same busy little creatures that populate Santa's shop, and have lives of their own to attend to (leaving me to produce all the jewelry from my shop pretty much single handed;) we need to let you know that the official Thyme2dream CHRISTMAS SHIPPING DEADLINE for the USA is DECEMBER 18th.

On the other hand GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for instant delivery via email..AND on sale at 20% off just now;)

Deck the blogs

I havent had time to decorate my house yet (that usually happens about Christmas Eve at my house) so I decided I would decorate my blog with a few more Christmassy looking items.

This is my newest listing, although not a new design~ Brighid's Yule Crown.

Originally designed at a customer's request, it began life as a costume crown for Jadis the White Witch of Narnia , along with a Unicorn Horn for her miniature horse was a fun project!

Here are couple more items I have in my HOLIDAY SALE section now through Christmas:

Red Fairy Elven Forest Earrings

Red Fairy Elven Forest Ear Cuff

Fairy Delightful Cherry Blossom Ear Cuff

Im a busy little elf this year, so I havent had much time to work on new designs, except when asked by a customer (THANK YOU!!:-) is a new creation I made for a customer in Japan to match a fuchsia earring she had. I wasnt too sure about the pink (pink scares me a little bit, but so far my experiences with it have turned out okay, lol) but this one is now my favorite new design:)

Yes- it is available for sale HERE

Love, Breath & Spirit

This song is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever. I remember the first Christmas that I was a mom- one night I was rocking my 4 month old son to sleep in the living room with only the Christmas lights on, and I suddenly had this inexpressible joy in my heart, thinking of another baby so long ago...amazing love that took my breath away, and yet gave me breath at the same time! (Did you know in Hebrew, the word for Breath and Spirit is the same?) Now that little baby of mine is about to become a father I smiled at this bit he left on twitter the other evening:

"Aidan is playing pattycake with me through his mom's belly. This impending fatherhood thing is really interesting sometimes"

My beautiful Christmas moments...I just had to share:) Blessings everyone!!

Magical Elven Journey Bag from Sol Sisters & a SALE

I just found out that my friend over at SolSisters Studio featured my jewelry on her blog WITH This absolutely delightful Eloria Elven Journeys Bag AND ITS ON SALE!!! It is normally $50, it is reduced to $30 ONLY until 9am pacific time tomorrow (Tues Dec 2nd)- that gives you east coasters til noon, so no worries;)

Since it IS a perfect match with my Rivendell & Fairy Bower pieces, I decided I would give an extra bonus to go along with it..IF you buy the bag, you can take an extra $5 off any order with me (yes, that includes HOLIDAY SALE items as well..and I just added the Rivendell Earrings to the sale)

Be sure to visit SolSisters Studio to get offer code...before someone else snatches it up!!

All That Glitters Gold for Christmas Sale

Lothlorien Crystal Forest Earrings

Ive been having SOOO much fun marking things down and putting them in my HOLIDAY SALE section on Etsy. I went sort of random in my choices, but also decided to include some of my favorite Christmas colour are some from the Glittery Gold & Sparklies colour range (aka Lothlorien Crystal Forest Collection;)

Lothlorien Crystal Forest Necklace

Fairy Lights Magic Forest Ring

Midsummer Night Fairy Arm Cuff/Bracelet

I mentioned a sale the other day...

Now through Monday, Dec 1st, I am offering %20 off all gift certificates in my shop. A $25 gift certificate is only $20, $50 is only $40 and so on. I also have some individual items marked down in my HOLIDAY SALE section just for fun. Although the gift certificates will only be on sale for 4 days, I will keep the sale section open and add new items every so often throughout the month of December.

For more fun, three of my Etsy Teams are having sales~

KC Etsy is a diverse group of crafters from the greater Kansas City Area- find our sale items by searching kcetsysale on Etsy, or just click the logo below:

Wire Artisans Guild of Etsy is having our first ever team sale. This is shopping with an international flavor- we have members worldwide participating in this weekend sale- from Sweden to Australia, Poland to the USA, we are a diverse bunch! Search wagteamsale, or click on the avatar below for a list of participating Wire Artisan shops:

Etsy Bloggers Team (last but not at all least) is having a HUGE sale, with over 50 Etsy shops participating. Click on the logo below for a list of shops and their featured savings:

Can you kiss your elbow?

When I was a young I read a story about a girl who could kiss her elbow, and it turned out that meant she was a fairy!! Even if you cant, pretending to be a fairy is almost as fun as being one;)

I just listed my Fairy Princess Gift Set- perfect for any little girl who ever dreamed of being a fairy princess. This set includes a tiara, magic wand and an arm cuff/bracelet in your choice of colours.

Did I mention that Im excited its almost CHRISTMAS? (yes, I know a million times already). In additon to my fairy gift set, I also have bubble wands, mobile phone charms and other fun fairy accouterments available in my shop for stocking stuffers.


Why Yes, I'll Have a Sale

NO crazy stressed out shopperistas?
NO crazy stressed out drivers?
NO forever long lines to stand in?

Thanksgiving weekend shopping on the internet
sounds like a magical place to be!

(details to come...stay tuned;-)

Breath of Heaven

The Breath of Heaven ear cuff is one of my older designs, but I thought I would feature it because (in case you hadnt noticed;) I love Christmas!!

This ear cuff was originally created to bless a very special Christian wisewoman friend of mine when she became an elder. I was also inspired by a lovely Christmas song called Breath of Heaven, which speaks to me of Mary's transition from Maiden to Mother by the 'breath of heaven'

The design features a Lapis Lazuli drop. Lapis is the sapphire of biblical writings and it is said in Jewish legends that the Torah was given to Moses on tablets of this has thus come to represent the Word of God and, by association, the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).

I also included garnet to represent redemption, amethyst for the royal priesthood of the believer and a heart of rainbow moonstone to signify Light and the delight of the new covenant announced by the angels as "Peace on Earth".

Spirals were often used in ancient Celtic artwork, and represent journeys of the spirit.

This cuff is still available in my Etsy Shop, but may not be for much longer..I am almost out of the gorgeous moonstone heart beads and havent been able to find a new source for them. (If any of my beady friends know where I can find them please let me know:)

Over the Hills and Far Away

Its been far too long since I had some music on my to remedy that, here are three different songs with the same name. I was looking for something to post from You Tube when I came across the Gary Moore song Over the Hills & Far Away-a wild and wonderful celtic rocker. Then, looking at the links I realized that there were at least two other songs with the same name that I love just as much, so here they all are:

This is the Gary Moore song...the video is pure 80's, but the drumming is mesmerizing and the guitar is incredible!

One of my absolute fave Led Zeppelin songs with a nice memory night a long time ago after a Robin Trower concert, a girl friend and I were invited to a party by a beautiful TALL exotic-looking guy (I found out later he was from Turkey) that I had only just met and sort of had a bit of a crush on (guys taller than me are hard to come by, lol). Not being the sort of girl who follows guys to parties in neighborhoods she's never been to, I was a bit nervous at first. To my delight, when we got there it was actually one big jam session with a lot of really great guitar players, no orgies or scary drug dealers & the lovely Turkish lad played this song~I was definitely in love then;)

From the BBC television series Sharpe. This one is totally Ian's fault..I never would have discovered Sean Bean if it hadnt been for Ian and his Napoleonic wars fixation...but this is a great series and here is a delightful set of snapshots of the actor who is right up at the top of my "sorry honey, but I will always love a few Englishmen" list.

Moonlight Fairy Bower Collection

The fairy bower collection was one I had in my mind for a long time before I actually began to create it. I've almost finished the entire collection, so I thought it would be fun to put it all together in one post! I still want to do a "hair fancy" to go with this grouping, but everything else(including the all important MAGIC WAND;)is now for sale in my Artfire Shop.

I DO so love Christmas

Even if its not quite thanksgiving..IM not complaining about the pretty decorations and the lovely colours and scents popping up earlier and earlier in the year-So when I was making this requested "Autumn Tapestry" ear cuff yesterday, it sort of morphed into a Christmas tapestry in my mind.

For Christmas I usually avoid the traditional red & green- I much prefer the icy blue an silver themes, or something with a deep plum and gold... but if you want to make it garnet and deep forest green and add some rich coppery tones..THEN it catches my eye. So what do YOU think..can this be a Christmas Tapestry ear cuff instead?

The Magic of Winter

I LOVE this treasury..and was delighted to find that my Ice Princess Tiara was included in it!! Thank you to my lovely soapy friends over at Heathen's Hearth for making me a part of the magic:) It is up til Sunday, so please pop in and see it up close!!

Oh My Fairy Stars

LOOK~ these adorable little fairies are actually carrying SEVEN POINTED fairy stars:-)! And I finally got round to making them into earrings...available in my Etsy Shop and coming soon to DaWanda and WinkElf

Star for a Day

I had fun at a local craft show last Friday. It was at the hospital where my sister works, and one of her coworkers asked if I could "fancy up" a bubble wand for her to hang in her window. This is the result:)

We had some wonderful help attracting customers to our baby niece(happiest baby I have EVER seen!) was the real "star" of the show:

Speaking of Grandmas...

...Mine is 92 today!!


This is my Celtic Valentine 2 in 1 cuff that I dedicated to my grandma when I created it for an Etsy Challenge last year...I made my first ear cuff because my then 88 year old grandma wanted one and has always believed I could do anything- I couldn't disappoint her now could I?

Grandma is my best friend, and has always managed somehow to be very cool and yet still very grandma-ish all at the same time...she was the one I heard saying things were "groovy" when I was little, and I think she was the grooviest;-).

She 92 today and still going strong and my earcuffs have become the cornerstone of what is now a full time business for me! I wanted to take a moment here on her birthday to say:

!!THANK YOU GRANDMA! I love you:-)!!

Just for is a photo taken on her 89th birthday- no, thats not her Harley, it belongs to my brother in law..but the photo was her idea;-)

Not Yer Granny's Edinburgh

Sort of a Wordless Wednesday..but My DH will tell you Im never wordless!

Edinburgh is my favorite city in the world, and I have some other lovely photos of it...quite like picture postcards actually. These however are the interesting ones!

We just survived one of the weirdest months I have ever been through..I promise to do a blog post on it once I get all caught up with things, but just to give you a preview, my wild October included Ian being stuck in Edinburgh unable to get back home due to a green card issue. That's been sorted now, he's home (YAY!!), and I can look back and happily recall the last time I got to visit Scotland. These photos were taken when I was there with Ian in 2005. You can click on the photo to go to the original Tabblo- that will allow you to read the very cool captions I wrote;)
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